• The Power of Cities and Regions
    In this blog I discuss what the power and influence of cities and regions is, in the bigger political game.
  • Who holds te most power in the EU?
    In this blog we discuss what makes someone powerful in the Union, and then answer the question of who truly holds power in the European Union. 
  • Understanding Governments
    If you want to win in politics or policy, you need to understand what makes governments tick. In clear and understandable language I will try to help you understand how governments work.
  • Serbian Politics 101 
    Milos is often in Serbia. And it was high time to write a blog about Serbian Politics for beginners.
  • How to survive the Parliamentary Reces
    Parliamentary reces is a always a special moment. Political Junkies dont know what to do with themselves. Here are some pointers on how to make the most out of your political recess.
  • Why I prefer BORING lobby-campaigns
    In this blog Milos explains why it is better to organise boring lobby campaigns.
  • Power And Influence Of Parliamentary Clerks
    In this blog I wrote about the power and influence of parliamentary clerks.
  • Can Individuals Change The World?
    Can one man change the course of history? Reform a country on his own? Create a political critical juncture? But most interestingly; how do you plan for this? And what are the steps? In order to answer this question, we turn to the men that have changed the course of history to see what they have in common and what we can learn from them. 
  • 5 Biggest Mistakes in Advocacy
    Everyone blogs on how to be successful. In this blog Milos talks about his biggest failures in the hope you can learn from them.
  • A Story About a Local Lobby Campaign
    In this story about a hiking trail in Utrecht Milos explains how to lobby local governments. While this case is super local and super-small, it contains valuable lessons.
  • A lobbyist guide to Brussels
    Milos wrote an ode to Brussels with hints and tips on where to wine and dine like a Local Superlobbyist. 
  • The Real Power of Lobbyists
    How powerful are lobbyist really? In this candid blog Milos tries to answer that question.
  • Fight the Productivity Pandemic
    It seems you cannot open Linkedin, Twitter or walk into a bookstore without being confronted with people trying to make you more productive and efficient. Milos says; screw productivity!
  • Geen democratie zonder lobbyisten
    De samenleving in zijn geheel zou er gebaat bij zijn als lobbyisten de erkenning zouden krijgen voor hun waardevolle bijdrage aan de democratie. Lobbyisten zijn namelijk net zo belangrijk voor de democratie als onafhankelijke journalistiek en de toegang tot het recht. 
  • The (real) State of the European Union
    This blog, Milos Labovic looks back at Ursula von der Leyen’s State of the European Union. He offers a counter-narrative and gives some pointers on how to understand thjis yearly speech.
  • How (not) to become an MEP – Part 3
    In the first blog I wrote about how I started the whole thing back in 2014. In the previous blog I wrote about how my campaign was getting traction and that I was getting into maniac mode. In this final blog, I will explain how it all ended.  Full steam ahead  I had a detailed […]
  • How (not) to become an MEP – Part 2
    This is the second blog by Milos Labovic on his run for the EP2019 elections, whe he in fact ended up not running. There are a lot of takeaways for people considering running for the European Parliament.
  • The 2024 European Parliament elections are coming!
    In 2024 Europe will go to the ballot again to vote for the European Parliament. In this blog we look strategically how you can already start using the momentum of the elections for your cause.
  • Bingewatching for Political Junkies
    In this blog, Milos curated a list of political series and movies that every political junkie ought to see.
  • How to sell the Public Affairs profession
    Its not easy trying to explain to management, colleagues or even family what it is what you do as a lobbyist. However promoting yourself and the profession is paramount in order to build trust and recognition.
  • How political is Eurovision really?
    In this blog, we look at how political Eurovision really is. A lot of blogs and research has focused on the politics of Eurovision, but this overdrawn or really a something embedded in the competition?
  • Alcohol and Politics
    Go to any Western political arena and you will notice that politics goes hand in hand with alchohol. But why is that?
  • Serbian Politics 101
    Doing politics in Serbia? We got you covered. This blog tries to understand Serbian politics and gives you the tools to work in this interesting place.