• How to make a Public Affairs Plan
    Its always better to have a plan then not to have a plan. And if you are going to lobby; you need a plan. Here are some basics and some insights that you might not have thought about. 
  • How to build your Supernetwork
    Here are my two cents on how to build a political and policy network.
  • Foresight and Strategic Planning
    Foresight and strategic planning is a must in EU politics. In this blog Milos teachers you how to use the end of the summer for foresight and strategic planning to create your own glass bowl.
  • How (Not) To Get Blindsided By Legislation
    It happens to the best of us. There is a legislative proposal that we didn’t see coming. In this blog some ideas on how to prevent getting blindsided.
  • How to build a Public Affairs system
    In this blog Milos will explain the rules of engagement and the structures needed to have a successful advocacy campaign.
  • How to invite the President
    You wan to invite the President, the Prime Minister or “simply” a Minister. This blog explains you how to do this.
  • The Power of the Informal
    Here a post devoted to importance of informality in the game of politics and policy.
  • How to work with difficult people
    You will have to work with difficult people at some point of your career. In this blog Milos shares his experience and gives hints and tips how to work with difficult people.
  • Lobbying for Infrastructure Projects
    Lobbying for Infrastructure Projects is a sport in itself. Here Milos will share his experiences, does and dont’s.
  • How to make grand coalitions work
    In order to make an impact you need to work with other organisations. In this blog Milos some insightful learning points on how to forge a grand coalition and have it work to your advantage.
  • How To Use WhatsApp For Political Campaigns
    Regardless of the pandemic, Whatsapp has made an impact on Public Affairs, activism and political communications. Some colleagues have gone so far as to call themselves a WhatsApp-lobbyists. I have been using Whatsapp for some time now also in the realm of lobbying, political communications and stakeholder management. Here is what I learned after a couple of years of Whatsapp. 
  • How to escalate an issue
    Need something to go viral? Raise your issue on the highest political agenda? In this blog Milos provides pointers how to escalate or problematize an issue. 
  • Time Management In The Political Arena
    Whether you are a lobbyist, political staffer, when you work in politics time is of essence. However, nowhere is your agenda under such an attack as in politics. Here I will show you how to manage your time the right way.
  • How to develop gravitas
    To be taken seriously by others is a skill. It is often referred to as “Gravitas”. In this blog Milos sheds light on how to develop gravitas.
  • Traditions as lobbying tools
    Many books and research papers have been written on the importance and the role of traditions, but none on how you can create traditions to position yourself in the political arena. 
  • Learn how to organise societal pressure
    I came around to think and believe that demonstrations, picketing and other forms of activism are effective ways of building up societal pressure and forcing change. I also had the chance to contribute to more activist advocacy campaigns. Let me share with you what I learned about building societal pressure.
  • Add Personal Flair to your Game
    Politics is a people’s business. We all know this anecdotally, however, we rarely act upon this. In this blog, I am sharing my experiences on how to add a personal flair and touch when catering to your network. 
  • How to survive office politics
    This blog gives you the tools to protect yourself from the ills of office politics. 
  • Twitter as an advocacy tool
    Can u use Twitter for your advocacy? Yes you can. In this blog Milos explains how to use Twitter for all your lobbying and public affairs endeavours.
  • How to write lobby emails
    In this blog, Milos gives pointers for writing Public Affairs/lobbying emails that will lead to the desired outcomes. 
  • Using Art for Advocacy
    When it comes to Public Affairs and lobbying, you rarely see lobbyists actively using art in their advocacy and outreach. In this blog we explorre the relationship between art and politics
  • European Elections 2024 Playbook
    Based on the experience of the last two rounds Milos has tried to construct a playbook for the upcoming elections for the European Parliament 2024.